Photo Submission Guidelines

How to submit photos to the monthly club competition:

The cut-off time for submissions is generally 1-2 weeks before the club meeting. 
The club secretary will e-mail the members each month with the exact cut-off time and date.

* Images can be e-mailed to 

Sizing of images:
Landscape -- no more than 1024 x 768 pixels (horizontal axis x vertical axis) or 4 x 3 inches
Portrait -- no more than 768 pixels on the vertical axis
File size -- not more than 600Kb
Images must be saved in JPEG format (.jgp or .jpeg)

Naming of images

* Your Star grading_category_image title_your name.jpg

           Example:  2 _pi_sunset_piet smit.jpg

* For images in set category -- start with s 

           Example: s_ 2_pi_sunset_piet smit.jpg


* pi - pictorial:                        landscapes, seascapes, skyscapes
* na - nature:                         flora, fauna, insects(in natural habitat)
* af - animals & birds:            domesticated animals & birds
* om - still life:                       flowers (cut), table-top studies, statues & general stilll ife
* op - architecture:                 buildings, industrial structures (also engineering)
* po - portraits:                      head, head & shoulders, full-length figure studies
* pj - photo-journalism:           sport, news, candid studies, acting or working groups
* sc - special photography:     underwater, medical, microphotography, macrophotography
* pp - abstract:                      imaginative, patterns, symbolic, part of whole object
* ar -  altered reality:              where altered image bears little or no resemblance to original image
* open - open:                       everything else